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About us

The French Chocolatier

Since 2015, our chocolates and confections have been sold in large and medium-sized retail stores, both in France and internationally.

Discover Le Chocolatier Sablais and join a beautiful artisanal success… on a large scale!

Created in 2006, Le Chocolatier Sablais is first and foremost a family story that has become a delicious success story! Their handmade productions of pure cocoa butter chocolates, biscuits, and confections are entirely crafted in the workshops of Les Sables d’Olonne in Vendée, managed by the creators of this beautiful adventure, Stéphane and Ségolène Arnauld.

In order to offer its products in supermarkets (GMS) in France and internationally, Le Chocolatier Sablais established a Quality department in 2015. It obtained the IFS Food certification, allowing it to export to all corners of the world.

Today, there are more than 400 references featured in a catalog where taste meets colorful creations, such as the remarkable molds produced by Le Chocolatier Sablais.

Working with Le Chocolatier Sablais means, above all, offering high-quality, beautiful, and delicious products. It is also promoting artisanal and independent chocolate and confectionery production while benefiting from our efficient logistical chain.

Le Chocolatier Sablais was first born in the imagination of Ségolène and Stéphane Arnauld, in the 2000s, when they ran togerner «Le Pierrot», a popular tea room and pastry shop in les Sables d’Olonne, facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The two gourmets had discovered there a treasure in this regional institution: an old handwritten recipe book of biscuits, chocolates and other delicious sweets, as well as old silvermoulds representing bells, eggs, hens…
That’s all it took for the couple to start dreaming about making their own chocolates and biscuits.
Stéphane then decided to get trained and he obtained a degree in pastry making at the Grands Moulins de Paris.

When Stéphane returns to Les Sables d’Olonne in 2006, their dream becomes reality. The Chocolatier Sablais was born! The two entrepreneurs began to create their first mendiants, to shape their first praliné chocolates; they also imagined the boxes that would best showcase their creations: ballotis, boxes of chocolate sardines..

Uncompromising about the quality of their chocolate (pure cocoa butter of course) and the other ingredients they choose with care (hazelnuts, almonds, orange peels, nougatine…), they concoct delicious home-made chocolates that quickly meet with the expected success.

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The first customers are the supermarkets in Vendée (the surrounded region), who are happy to find a local qualitative artisan partner.

Thanks to word-of-mouth, the reputation develops throughout the West of France and in the Paris region… Since 2015, the delicacies of Chocolatier Sablais are also exported to Europe, the Middle East, the United States…

It seems a long way since the creation in 2006 and the installation of the first workshop in the family garage. The first milestones of the adventure are certainly the successive changes and enlargements of premises, the latest being completed in autumn 2019…

The catalogue has also been expanded a lot: in 2009, the Chocolatier Sablais began to produce delicious shortbread biscuits (galettes and palets). In 2015, a Quality department is created and they obtain the IFS certification (International Food Standard). In 2016, the Chocolatier Sablais creates a range of certified organic chocolates. In 2018, the Chocolatier Sablais again completes its range by producing a tender artisanal nougat that delights gourmets.

By working closely with its customers, and by staying abreast of market trends, le Chocolatier Sablais “regularly innovates.
It is the key to the dynamism of the company, which is experiencing very good annual growth rates…

There are now nearly 400 references in the catalogue, both for the great gourmet celebrations such as Easter and Christmas, as well as for the tourist season or the rest of the year.

The shop adjoining the chocolate factory welcomes locals and visitors in a magical setting. During the school holidays, it is even possible to unravel the mysteries of how these delicacies are made by visiting the lab.

Always surrounded by their children (Arthur, Capucine and Juliette, who are the first tasting panel), Ségolène and Stéphane now have around them a team of about forty men and women who all work towards the same objective: to spread the local and traditional artisan know-how and to bring together different generations around their delicious creations…

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